Our modern society is on the cusp of recognizing that animals are intelligent & creative. Scientific evidence proves that animals form deep bonds, communicate with eachother, work together, have a sense of humor and a sixth sense, use tools, solve problems, play games, and mourn the loss of a friend or relative. Animals have existed long before humans, and have accumulated knowledge and experiences over millions of years. Imagine what we could learn if we could communicate with these amazing creatures.

Manya & Roumen are intrigued by this possibility and their detailed exploration of the animal kingdom in metal brings these ideas closer to us than ever before. What makes Manya & Roumen's jewelry collection unique is Manya's uncanny and rare ability to convert a block of wax into a precious animal sculpture that connects with the wearer.

Manya & Roumen's precious jewelry collection is a labor of love. One of the first pieces Manya carved was Roumen’s wedding ring depicting a buffalo couple. It was inspired by a video of a baby buffalo being rescued from the jaws of both a lion and a crocodile by its herd.

Manya's travels have played an important role in her creations. Her work has led her to Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, and New York, where Manya received her MFA.

Manya & Roumen met in Brooklyn in 2004 just after Roumen completed his PhD in Economics and Information Systems. Together, the couple traveled to Bulgaria (where they married in 2006), Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Belgium, England, and Canada, where inspiration abounded.

Manya & Roumen was born on Valentine's day in 2009, with Manya as the creative director and Roumen as the business manager.

Manya & Roumen live with their two adopted dogs, Raya & Rhonda, and their adopted cat, Petunia, in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where Manya has her studio--just a train-ride from the Jewelry District in New York City, where Manya & Roumen's creations are carefully finished by hand.

Manya & Roumen regulary contribute to animal charities.


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